Working as a Journalist Abroad

Journalists often have very challenging jobs that require regular work abroad. While it is sometimes going to be in easily accessible locations, with good infrastructure, working as a reporter might also mean travelling further afield, to war zones and other dangerous locations. As a journalist, it is often all part of the job.

Working in a location that is risky comes with its own challenges and journalists should work to understand these before travelling. It’s important to know:

  • The political climate
  • Dangerous situations to look out for, and how to monitor them
  • Tools and resources available before and during travel to improve safety
  • How to remain vigilant at all times

Employers will be consult with journalists who are expected to travel abroad to explain the situation, the specific risks, and how to manage them. Any necessary training that is required for the job, and for staying safe, should take place before travelling.

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