Visiting An Elephant Reserve

If what you’re after is a holiday where you can see, and maybe interact with animals, then visiting an elephant reserve could by right for you.


Elephant reserves come in various styles; with some of them trying to rehabilitate injured or traumatised animals, and others acting as a wild-life reserve, only with a focus upon the security of the elephant population, and others still caring for orphaned elephants. These can offer wildly varying experiences to visitors. Traumatised elephants, which have most likely been traumatised by humans, could act very aggressively to humans, as we will be perceived as a threat, so if you want to have any close interaction with the animals, this isn’t the one for you. An elephant orphanage can offer this, but it is important to follow the instructors instructions, so that you don’t create any bad habits in the animals. Remember, in these places the aim of the staff it typically to rehabilitate the animals so that the population can be replenished.

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