The Ultimate Luxury Safari Experience

Safaris are never going to be all that cheap. If you’ve looked into booking one before, you will already be aware that the price tag can be rather high. Some people want more than a standard safari though, and this is going to cost even more. However, if you want the ultimate luxury experience, in beautiful surroundings, whilst seeing wildlife, then paying the price is completely worth it.

Many safaris will involve staying in tents during the trip. If you pick a luxury option, you are more likely to be housed in a lodge or eco-building. If you do camp at all, chances are it will be a permanent campsite that has good facilities, like toilets and private showers.

The food should also be excellent, so if food is a big part of a holiday for you, think about a premium safari. Forget lukewarm buffets – most luxury safari companies have top chefs cooking their meals.

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