Elephant Sanctuary Elephant Back Safaris

With the declining numbers of elephants throughout the world, elephant sanctuaries have become increasingly prominent. These places are often a last refuge for beleaguered elephant populations.

As with many safari packages you buy, the money will at least partly stay in the community which provides the service; which allows for the continuance of said services; which requires a robust ecological protection scheme. This scheme will protect the lives of the animals, such as elephants, which helps to ensure the continued presence of the biggest attracting animals, such as the African big 5; Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhino, and it does this by creating greater interdependence between the animals and the livelihood of the local community. This greater protection for the animals, both from the local population, and from interlopers which may decide to kill an elephant for its ivory, can ensure that tourist opportunities will remain for years to come. You can help to ensure the continuance of wildlife schemes by choosing a safari holiday, which is what attracts many to a safari holiday.

The great thing about visiting an elephant sanctuary, besides the elephants, is that it provides perhaps the once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with an elephant directly.