Elephant Safaris: A time bomb

There are many things in the world that people consider worthy of their bucket lists; especially when it comes to seeing things while travelling the world. Many people consider the remaining wonders of the world; things like The Great Wall of China, the Amazon rainforest in Brazil or the legendary pyramids of Egypt. However, for many people there are some things that need to be seen quickly, before they become extinct.

Elephants Safaris are one such thing. Elephant numbers have diminished massively over the past one hundred years; mainly because of the greed and ignorance of humans. Poachers have driven numbers down, and people who seek ivory as a luxury resource, too, have driven the elephants almost to the point of extinction. As such many people are taking this opportunity to travel to see Elephants on safari and to see the amazing conservation efforts that are happening all over the world first hand.

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