A nice long weekend

Where would we be without the internet? You wouldn’t be reading this blog post, that’s fore sure! I think about holidays, where I might go and what I might want to do. Before I know it there is already a thread about it on a forum, or maybe some answers on Yahoo or maybe even a board on Pinterest showing me exactly where I was imagining it, and showing me some of the things that I knew I wanted to do. It’s a combination of all of these things, all of these outlets, that can shed a great light on a location in detail.

There are some amazing resources out there that all can feed into your research for these amazing weekends away. You can find the places you want to go to, the activities you want to do and the things you want to see along the way. You can learn so much before you have even been to the travel agent or set foot on foreign soil. What an age we live in.

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Hiking Whilst on a Safari

There are a few sports, if you can call them that, that have always fascinated intrigued many people. Those sports are hiking and climbing. Many have never quite understood how to try them, how to learn them or just if they would appea.

Instead of normal travel destinations these holidays demand very specific locations. Instead of looking for amazing cultural locations you’re looking for the highest peaks, instead of looking at sandy beaches you’re looking at the most dangerous cliff faces to test yourself. Instead of the relaxation and tans of the typical holiday; you’re looking for the cold, the heights and the challenge. Climbing and hiking, it seems, are not so much sports but more ways of life; changing our clothes, our ambitions and even our holidays.

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African Safari – Zambia

An African safari is a life altering experience. Many countries are dependent on tourism as their biggest industry and so a great amount of care is being taken to preserve the continents amazing wildlife. One country that has remained under the radar, yet offers a safari experience like no other is Zambia.

Zambia is most famous for its stunning Victoria Falls; however with almost 30% of the country protected as National Parks, the huge National Parks across the country offer an authentic glimpse into wild Africa.

You will never find Zambia to be among the most popular destination for an African Safari; however any person in the know will tell you that it is the place where safari connoisseurs flock to. Zambia has permanent rivers running through its lands, the Zambezi being the most important one of them, and this acts like a magnet for wildlife of all sizes.

A Zambia safari is also not filled with tourists, so you get a real sense of adventure in the wild as you interact with knowledgeable local guides and stay in camps smaller than what you find in other countries. The focus here is squarely on the Safari itself, rather than on extravagant luxury.

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Saving For A Safari Trip

Safari trips are a great idea, but they’re extremely expensive. Firstly you need to do your homework and work out how much you need to save. Speak to travel agents to get an estimate. The country or countries you plan to visit will ultimately decide the cost.

Once you know how much you need, save £1000 pound more than the actual amount, just to be safe. You’ll need to create a plan of how much money you need to save by when. You may need to cut down costs on commuting to work, food and bills in the meantime. It will all be worth it in the end!

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Detour – Lakes of China

You all know that I love a detour. I also love lakes. So I decided to visit the Asian continent. There are so many wonders to see in the land of China, but I think some of the most beautiful have to be the lakes, here are just a couple: 1. Yamdrok Lake (A Pearl from the sky) – was formed from the melted snow of the nearby mountains. It is said to be the female guardian of Buddhism in Tibet. Located 105km to the southwest of Lhasa. Yamdrok-Tso Lake is 130km long from east to west and 70km wide from north to south with a total perimeter of 250km and the surface area of 638 square km, average depth of 20-40 meters

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